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Mom Illustrates Things Her Kids Say In 10 Funny Illustrations

Posted on: February 1, 2019, in Blog

There are many beautiful moments that make having kids all worth it. Like when they say they love you or make you a macaroni Picasso piece, but while there are many sweet moments there are also the other times when they aren’t afraid to tell you, flat out, how old you look. Webcomic and mom, Weng Chen, behind ‘The Adventures Of Messy Cow,’ brings these moments to life with her newest comic series ‘things my kids say.’

From vomit to telling you-you have gained to much weight, the Chinese artist has become an expert at documenting how your life changes after having kids, with hilarious illustrations that parents can all relate to. “It was fun and meaningful to document my children’s growth, as well as mine,” Chen told Bored Panda, “Parents from all over the world told me how this is just like their life experience. I’m happy to know that I was not alone in this situation, and so do other people who read my comics.”

Weng is Chinese, but she’s fluent in English and visual language, too. She started drawing manga at a very young age and has been creating comics on-and-off since. In late 2016, she started the Messy Cow series.

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